These are the grandchildren of your cousin Ernst Christian Stahl (1879-1950) and his wife Frieda Ludwina Falkenstein (1884-1976). Photo was taken in 1992. Left to Right, they are: Richard Bross, Michael Eskate, Carole Repsch (Bell), Ruth Eskate (Fisher), Susan Repsch (Mitchell), and Edward Bross. The Bross brothers are sons of Katherine Wilhelmine Stahl (1920-2005) and her husband Edward Bross (1918-1944). The Eskates are children of Ruth Barbara Stahl (1926-1998) and her husband John Eskate (1917-1995). My sister Carole and I - the Repsches - are daughters of Florence Caroline Stahl (b. 1927) and her husband Richard Repsch (1924-2003). Our brother Steven Repsch (1954-1993) was not present for this photo.  Thank you very much for the photo Susan!  Aktualisiert Juni , 2015

The women sitting in the front are all daughters of Ernst Stahl (son of Johann Daniel Stahl):

Left to Right: Florence (Repsch), Ruth (Eskate) and Catherine (Bross). The grandmother in the back is Frieda Falkenstein who married Ernst Stahl. 

(Thank you very much Susan! She is the one year old baby at the back on her grandmother`s knees)


Paul J . Stahl * 13. November 1936 no married  Johanna Van Gundy 23. März 1963 2 Children 

Paul John Stahl * 12. September 1965 no married, no children

Johanna C Stahl * 2. November 1968 no married, 1 child

Mina Grace Stahl * 10. Mai 1998

Georg W Stahl * Februar 1939 married Caroline Kerr, t 1976, 4 Children

Georg W Stahl * 9. August 1961(adopted) married Sandra, 1 child

Derek Stahl * 3. Oktober 1983 verheiratet mit  Ashlely geb.16. März 1984

Derek &  Ashlely

Virginia  Stahl * 11. Februar 1962 (adopted) married Gary Wilkinson, 2 children

Johann Daniel Stahl-1853, death date 7 March 1911

Daughter of

Emil Paul Stahl-1883-1951.

Grace Caroline Stahl Beale, death 20 March 2012.

Son of

Paul John Stahl-1909-2004.

George William Stahl, born 20 January 1939, death 20. January 2014